Notable Cases

Here are some of the recent litigation successes we have been a part of. As with all our litigation successes, we believe the credit for winning these cases goes to our clients.

Here are some notable cases.

February 23, 2017: Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality approves a NORM landspreading rule of the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board, thus ending 18 years of litigation spearheaded by multiple energy clients of Jeffery P. Reynolds, P. A.

Murphy Oil USA, Inc., Total E&P USA, Inc., Anadarko US Offshore Corporation, BP America Production Company, and Marathon Oil Corporation, led by Jeff Reynolds, along with the U. S. Oil and Gas Association, began the fight for a sensible, safe, economic landspreading disposal option for low levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials ("NORM") back in 1999 against the NORM plaintiff attorney from New Orleans, Stuart Smith. After many years of litigation and multiple appeals, the energy industry emerged victorious. Landspreading of NORM is now a legal disposal option in Mississippi by virtue of Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board Rule 68.

August 4, 2016: Circuit Court enters Order dismissing with prejudice Plaintiff’s environmental damage claims against numerous oil company clients of Jeffery P. Reynolds, P.A., ending 20+ years of litigation

On August 4, 2016, the Circuit Court of Wayne County, Mississippi entered an Order Lifting Stay and Final Judgment Dismissing Plaintiff’s Claims with Prejudice in an environmental damage lawsuit filed by nationally-known toxic tort plaintiff’s lawyer Stuart Smith of Smith Stag, LLC. This lawsuit was commenced in May of 1996 and had worked its way to the Mississippi Supreme Court twice (after two separate dismissals) and into the Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality (“MCEQ”); a sister lawsuit had been filed in the Southern District of Mississippi; and a fourth proceeding ultimately was commenced in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. In the end, the Plaintiff and her lawyers received zero dollars, and all claims were dismissed against all Defendants with prejudice.

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January 14, 2016: Reynolds Firm Obtains Directed Verdict in Nursing Home Malpractice Trial.

Jeff Reynolds and Carson Thurman represented the Mississippi State Veterans Nursing Home – Collins in a case in which the Plaintiff falsely alleged that the nursing home had fractured the arm of her father, who was a patient at the nursing home, caused him to be dehydrated, caused him to develop aspiration pneumonia, and otherwise mistreated him.

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October 27, 2014: Bankruptcy Court enters Order judicially estopping Debtor/Plaintiff from pursuing three related lawsuits against numerous oil company clients of Jeffery P. Reynolds, P.A., thus ending 18+ years of litigation.

On October 27, 2014, the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi entered an Order judicially estopping a Debtor from pursuing three related lawsuits against numerous oil company clients of Jeffery P. Reynolds, P.A. relating to a piece of real property she owns in Wayne County, Mississippi. The first lawsuit, alleging that the property in question had been environmentally impacted by an independent oilfield contractor that was hired to do work for many different oil companies, most of which were not sued, was filed by the Debtor’s late father in the Circuit Court of Hinds County, Mississippi (and later transferred to Wayne County, Mississippi) back in 1996. A federal court lawsuit and a proceeding before the Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality, both alleging the same facts about the same property, were later filed against the same oil companies. The Bankruptcy Court’s Order effectively ended this litigation in three different forums.

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August 14, 2014: The Mississippi Supreme Court affirms dismissal with prejudice of personal injury lawsuit alleging medical bills of over $340,000 as a sanction for Plaintiffs' false testimony.

On August 14, 2014, the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Hinds County Circuit Court’s dismissal of a personal injury lawsuit brought by two individuals against Mississippi Public Broadcasting, a Mississippi state agency.  In the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs alleged that the driver of their vehicle became permanently disabled due to a car accident with a Mississippi Public Broadcasting employee.  The driver contended that the State of Mississippi should be liable for over $340,000 in medical bills he allegedly incurred as a result, as well as significant other alleged damages.  The driver’s wife, who was not a passenger in the vehicle during the accident, brought her own claims for damages of $100,000 for having to care for her husband and other such alleged damages.

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May 15, 2014: The Mississippi Supreme Court reinstates Summary Judgment for ExxonMobil in Wilkinson County, MS "Alligator" case.

On May 15, 2014, the Mississippi Supreme Court reinstated the Wilkinson County Circuit Court’s dismissal of a lawsuit brought by two landowners adjacent to ExxonMobil’s property located near Woodville, MS. In the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs had alleged that a former waste treatment facility now owned by ExxonMobil caused environmental damage to their property. The Plaintiffs also claimed that ExxonMobil should be held responsible for wild alligators seen near and on their property. The Plaintiffs wanted ExxonMobil to pay them damages totaling the entire purchase price of their property.

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May 14, 2013: Jeffery Reynolds, P.A.’s Victory for Total in Global Warming Lawsuit Upheld On Appeal

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today affirmed the District Court's dismissal with prejudice of the Plaintiffs' global warming lawsuit against Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc., Total Gas & Power North America, Inc. and many other Defendants.

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May 22, 2012: Jeffery P. Reynolds, P.A. Establishes Precedent Towards Ending NORM Insanity in Oil and Gas States

The Lincoln County Chancery Court affirmed on the merits the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board's adoption of the landspreading amendment to Rule 68.

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March 20, 2012: Jeff Reynolds Obtains Dismissal of Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc. and Total Gas & Power North America, Inc. from Large Global Warming Case

The victory establishes useful precedent for Total – and the entire oil industry – against the plaintiffs’ Bar’s global warming lawsuit campaign.

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Jeff Reynolds Obtains Defense Verdict for Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc. in $19 Million Natural Gas Claim

Plaintiffs alleged Total stole natural gas through a well casing leak in a field located in Lamar County, Mississippi.

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Mr. Reynolds Plays Key Role in Quelling NORM Insanity

Beginning in the late 1980’s, Louisiana-based toxic tort lawyer Stuart Smith attempted to create hysteria in the State of Mississippi over Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).

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Jeff Reynolds Obtains Summary Judgment for BP in Premises Liability Case

In August of 2008, Mr. James Hawthorne allegedly stole beer from a BP branded station in Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Sarbriner Pannu, the operator of the station, chased down Mr. Hawthorne and then shot and killed him.

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Jeff Reynolds Obtains Summary Judgment on Behalf of Amoco Oil Company in Dram Shop Case

In 1997, a group of teenagers were involved in a tragic accident near Memphis at the state line between Tennessee and Mississippi.

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Mississippi Supreme Court Grants Reynolds’ Appeal for Murphy Oil on Premises Liability Case and Rules for Murphy Oil

Mr. Reynolds represented Murphy Oil USA, Inc. in this premises liability death case where the family of the decedent sued Murphy claiming, among other things, inadequate security at the gas station.

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Reynolds Obtains Summary Judgment in Construction Litigation Fraudulent Concealment Claim

The Plaintiff sued Mr. Reynolds’ client, AFC, Inc., a general contractor, alleging faulty construction of a motel complex in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

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