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Mr. Reynolds Plays Key Role in Quelling NORM Insanity

Sherman Boyles, et al. v. Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board, Murphy Oil USA, Fina Oil & Chemical Company, Vintage Petroleum, Inc., Union Pacific Resources, Exxon, Mobil, Amoco Corporation and Marathon Oil Company, Successor to TXO Production; 794 So. 2d 149 (Miss. 2001)

Beginning in the late 1980’s, Louisiana-based toxic tort lawyer Stuart Smith attempted to create hysteria in the State of Mississippi over Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).

Mr. Smith filed numerous lawsuits against various oil companies over alleged NORM contamination of real property and alleged personal injury from exposure to NORM. Jeff Reynolds defended a number of these lawsuits.

In an attempt to bring sanity to the regulation of NORM within the State, the oil industry proposed Oil and Gas Board Statewide Rule No. 69. This was a comprehensive set of regulations for oilfield NORM.

Rule 69 was fiercely contested by Mr. Smith, and this resulted in a three day hearing before the Mississippi Oil & Gas Board. The testimony at this hearing consisted of Mr. Smith’s expert witnesses and the expert witness team put together by Mr. Reynolds. Despite Mr. Smith’s contest, Rule 69 was passed by the Board.

Mr. Smith appealed his loss all the way to the Mississippi Supreme Court, losing each step of the way. Mr. Reynolds’ victory for the industry was ultimately affirmed by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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